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Jon Miller, CPA

#PTE Movement Founder

Jon loves where he lives and what he does. As an Air Force kid, Jon spent his days watching the best pilots in the world fly top-secret planes. He looked up to these pilots and Jon planned to be a test pilot himself but, decided that no matter what he did, he wanted to be the best at it. TAXES! Jon needed money to fund his college education so he balanced managing a business and academics with great success. Initially, Jon was interested in entrepreneurship and was taking classes in business, human resource management and organizational behavior but, his life changed after taking an accounting class. He graduated with a Masters Degree in Accounting from one of the top 3 Accounting schools in the nation. 

Jon’s career followed the path dreamt of by any young accounting student. He was partner in a CPA firm and worked at two of the largest accounting firms nationwide. He became a senior manager and then director in the tax department before a client hired him away to serve as CEO of a large company. Jon served as CEO of two technology companies before deciding it was time to get back to his roots. Jon understands the thrill of creating a business and seeing it succeed. He also understands the roll of good books and filing taxes of all types and variety. Because of Jon's success in both Business and Taxes he is well known as an expert in the country and works as the CPA for millionaires and big businesses. 


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As you gain competency and experience as a CPA, EA or Tax Attorney, join us for one of our advanced bootcamps and courses where we dive deep into Partnership Tax, S-crop Tax, Trust and Estate Tax, Tax Basis and other complex tax planning and preparation forms, strategies and methods.


Business and Taxes should not be hard to learn which is why we are on a mission to make our education simple and easy for you to learn. The value of what you learn form us bets any cost to acquire it.  



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As a team we provide continuing education for business and tax professionals.

Jon Miller

CEO and Founder

Cindi Teasley

Video Editor

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