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Join Jon As He Gives The Secrets Of Sales Forecasting For First Time Business Owner

Tuesday July 6th 2021


Tuesday 6th


4-5pm MST



The Secrets Of Sales Forecasting For First Time Business Owner Live Description

While you may think sale forecasting is not important after listening to Jon you will think again. 

These tips are super valuable and will have your full attention. Learn how to grow your business by thinking about the end sales goals in mind.

Jon is successful and knows what he is talking about from experience and from teaching others for years. Stop paying for masterclasses that don’t give you the value you need and that are outdated. Join a live with an expect CPA and Entrepreneur.    

Key Concepts Covered

Jon Miller, CPA

Jon started a small company to fund his college education. He balanced managing a business and academics with great success. Initially, he was interested in entrepreneurship and was taking classes in business, human resource management and organizational behavior when an accounting class he took changed the course of his life. He graduated with a Masters Degree in Accounting from one of the top 3 Accounting schools in the nation.

Jon’s career followed the path dreamt of by any young accounting students. He was a partner in a CPA firm and worked at two of the largest accounting firms nationwide. He became a senior manager and then director in the tax department before a client hired him away to serve as CEO of a company. Jon was the CEO of two technology companies before deciding it was time to get back to his roots. He understands the thrill of creating a business and seeing it succeed. He also understands the responsibility of making payroll.

What Our Students Have to Say

Jon has amazing teaching skills. Anyone needing this type of help must take this course.
Jaci P
Jon has a great way of explaining things that makes it very easy to understand.
Briana P
Thank you very much for this opportunity. I really appreciate and enjoyed this education.
The information in general was excellent! One of the most engaging and informative classes I have ever had!