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Partnership Bootcamp

Key Concepts Covered in this Bootcamp

Jon Miller, CPA

Founder & CEO

We help taxpayers and tax practitioners around the country gain confidence in the financial and tax accounting for Partnerships, Trusts, and S-Corporations

Bootcamp Description

Get started with one of our PTE Bootcamps, like our Partnership Bootcamp from May 3rd-5th. As you gain competency and experience, join us as we dive deep into the complex tax planning and consulting opportunities that Pass Through Entities demand.


Absolutely Will Refer Others

Very down to earth, easy to understand. Valuable information, walked away with a ton of ideas.

Melissa V

Bootcamp Details

May 3rd - 5th 2022

Early Bird Price


Bootcamp Duration

3 Days

Credit Hours

24 Hours

Regular Price


Partnership Description

  • Develop partnership tax reporting and planning skills 
  • Calculate and report partner basis and capital accounts 
  • Identify and resolve technical tax issues that affect partnerships 
  • Build tax consulting skills to organize and terminate partnerships

What You Get

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What Our Students Have to Say

Jon has amazing teaching skills. Anyone needing this type of help must take this course.
Jaci P
Jon has a great way of explaining things that makes it very easy to understand.
Briana P
Thank you very much for this opportunity. I really appreciate and enjoyed this education.
The information in general was excellent! One of the most engaging and informative classes I have ever had!